Everything You Need to Know About Super Wings

What is Super Wings?

Super Wings is an animated television series aimed at pre-schoolers. The show follows the adventures of Jett and his friends who travel around the world delivering packages to children.

On every delivery, Jett encounters a new problem that he must solve with the help of his friends. Together, the team explores new countries and cultures, helping to teach kids the importance of multiculturalism and languages by igniting their curiosity in becoming global citizens.

Who are the main characters in Super Wings?


Jett is a small red and white jet plane and is the main character in Super Wings. Every episode, he eagerly travels to a new country to deliver a parcel to the children there.

The packages are always important, as they contain items which help the children to accomplish an activity. Jett loves working together with his friends to solve problems and has to call one in every episode to make sure the parcels get delivered on time.

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Donnie is a yellow and blue Canadair aeroplane who can invent new and helpful items with his tools. Despite his slightly clumsy landings, he is often Jett’s go to plane as he is very skilled in solving problems and building complicated machinery.

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Dizzy is a pink and white female rescue helicopter who specialises in rescuing and providing medical care to children and planes. She has lots of tools to her disposal and leads Team Dizzy when going out on missions.  

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Jerome is a blue war plan with stylised yellow lightning flashes. He is very competitive and loves to race Jett when out on missions before showing off his dance moves to the rest of the gang.  

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Where can I watch Super Wings?

In the UK, Super Wings is shown on Cartoonito which is available on channels Sky 619 and Virgin 706.

You can also catch up on Super Wings on Now TV kids when your little ones want to catch up on their favourite transforming planes on demand. If you don't want to pay a monthly subscription, then Youtube is great for viewing short Super Wings clips from the show.

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