Christmas Packaging Now Available!

Merry Christmas! (is it too early to say? We think not!)

With the holiday season fast approaching, we thought we’d make our packaging even more special with limited edition Christmas gift boxes! Our gift boxes make the perfect gift for any sock lover with quality black tissue paper and a thank you note - you can't go wrong!

Order 3 or more pairs of socks to receive a Christmas gift box!

We also have a new range of premade premium boxes! Perfect for those who are in a rush to complete their Christmas shopping! or have left it a little too late.

We’ve created three odd socks boxes that contain socks from our new collection. We have the Spotty Box, featuring The Dandycock, Bridlington and Aldeburgh.

The Stripey Box, featuring Glastonbury Stripe, Reading and Leeds Stripe and Splendour Stripe.

The Wavy Box, featuring Circus Tent Green, Circus Tent Purple and BJ’s Oceanside.

The Cashmere Monochrome Box, containing two pairs of our luxury cashmere socks in a wearable, modern monochrome print, Paisley and Rug.

Each premade gift box is a premium matte black embossed box, the perfect way to present your gift. Shop them all here

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