Roy's Boys X Micro-Fresh

Smelly socks be gone!

Established in 2006, Micro-Fresh is a naturally occurring active ingredient that we use here at Roy’s Boys HQ in the production process. Micro – fresh is designed to ensure fabrics stay fresher for longer, this is because it prevents the growth of odour causing bacteria to stop smelly socks!

As Micro-Fresh is a naturally occurring ingredient it is good for the planet, this is because it provides effective washing at 30 degrees. Meaning that it uses less energy and reduces our carbon footprint. Micro-Fresh is also suitable for sensitive skin as there are no harsh ingredients so is suitable for everyone!

We wash all our socks using the Micro-Fresh ingredient, it prevents the growth of odour and less odour means no need for the use of higher temperatures when washing.

All our socks contain Micro-Fresh as we believe it is important that everyone stays fresher for longer! Shop them here

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