Random Facts You Need to Know About Socks

Who knew socks were this interesting?!

Ever wanted to be the star of the show at your family gatherings or next Christmas party with your ultimate trivia knowledge? Well, Roy’s Boys have come to the rescue. We have collated 8 superior sock facts to ensure you're never stuck for a conversation starter ever again. Continue reading to find out more!

Fact #1

Who invented socks?

What a great question! Surprisingly, socks have been around for millions of years. They were introduced by cavemen who wrapped animals’ skin around their feet – for extra comfort animal fur was used as a lining. I bet they were comfy!

Fact #2

Who wore socks?

During the 10th century, socks were used to display social status, socks were expensive to buy as they were timely to make. Royalty and noblemen wore knee-high stockings to express their social and financial status along with long silken socks too. Sadly, we do not stock any knee-high silk socks, but we do sell sock fit for royals, did you know, Prince Harry was once gifted a pair of our odd socks?

Image credit (Left image: https://handwerkstextiles.wordpress.com/tag/sock-pattern/ Right image: Inside our factory here at Roy's Boys)

Fact #3

How are socks made?

Here at Roy’s Boys we like to keep things traditional, alongside our large machines which knit every single one of our socks, we also have a traditional Cymbal circular hand knitting machine from around the 1920s, that is still to this day a feature in our showroom for all visitors to see. It would’ve been used for domestic knitting within many households

Fact #4

Sock trends over the years

Socks and sandals may truly belong together. Split toes were a popular choice in the early years of sock evolution, this means they were most likely worn with sandals. The V&A displays a pair of red split toed socks along the Nile River in Egypt.

Image credit (https://collections.vam.ac.uk/item/O107787/pair-of-socks-unknown/)

Fact #5

Why didn’t Einstein like socks?

Albert Einstein wasn’t a lover of socks, he believed that wearing both socks and shoes didn’t have a purpose if the socks were eventually going to get a hole in them (we doubt our Roy’s Boys socks would do such a terrible thing).

Fact #6

Why do we wear socks?

We don’t want to gross you out, but your feet sweat nearly half a litre of water a day! So, socks are worn to prevent your shoes from harbouring bacteria from the close contact with your feet and ensuring your feet stay dry and fresh. Also, we may be a little biased, but our socks are super comfy and soft (especially our cashmere range) so why would you not want to treat your feet every day with sublime comfort no matter what you get up to?


Image credit (Roy's Boys Cashmere Socks)

Fact #7

Missing socks!

Have you ever suffered a bigger disaster than putting a pair of socks into the washing machine and only getting one back out again? It’s awful, isn’t it! Ted Baker carried out a survey which revealed that 676 million socks are lost in the U.K. each year! I wonder how many of those belong to you. We encourage people to mix and match their socks, that’s why we have our range of odd socks that are suitable for mixing and matching!

Fact #8

I need more socks!

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I saw an advert for Roy’s Boys on my Facebook and loved the look of the Peppa Pig socks. My kids love Peppa and we have a running joke that their grandad is like Grandpa Pig so I ordered the Granny and Grandpa pig socks as a Christmas gift. They came beautifully packaged only two days after I ordered them! From what I can see, without ruining the packaging, they seem great quality and super soft. I also received a lovely email from Ben to thank me for my custom. I will definitely order again!

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