The Brand

Wearing Roy’s Boys socks turns an ordinary outfit into a statement ensemble. 
All of our ranges, either our brightly-coloured odd pairs, our novelty character socks, our luxuriously soft cotton and cashmere blend or our heavy-knit colourful varsity range, are perfect to fully-equip everyone's sock drawer.

"Our aim is to produce a range of top quality socks that will fit well and last, whilst giving you that statement piece to complete your look, or bring some fun to your sock drawer. Our Oddballers designs are a great way to catch an eye, or start a conversation." - Ben Lowe, Roy's Second Boy's Boy

Who was Roy and who are his Boys?

Like most of us, Roy Lowe worked in socks for his entire career which spanned over 50 years. His socks kept his feet comfortable and warm as he worked his way from yarn boy to managing director of Samuel Eden & Sons, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire. His two sons, Tim and Martin, followed in his footsteps into the sock manufacturing trade, and eventually founding Roy Lowe & Sons Ltd (the parent company to Roy’s Boys) in 1996. It was named in Roy’s memory following his death in 1995. 

When Martin's son, Ben, and Tim's daughter, Kelly, joined the business, the Roy's Boys brand was born. The original idea came from Tim and Martin becoming frustrated that their children all decided to start wearing odd socks, and so the Oddballers range was created so they could join them. The name pays tribute to Roy Lowe, who actually would probably never have been seen wearing odd socks!

"As 'socksperts', we got really tired of seeing poor quality socks, made to hit a low price point on the high street. These socks do not tend to fit well or last very long. Using our wealth of experience in socks, we want to try and put some quality back into everyone's sock drawers." - Martin Lowe, Roy's Second Boy